Monday, March 24, 2014

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish : Photos, Review, Swatch

Being a fan of The Body Shop products for almost an decade there were always a bunch of their products to be tried on my wish list. As much as I wanted their Japanese Cherry Blossom products I wanted the Cranberry Joy range too and luck favored me this year :) During this sale season [I guess the sale is still on - 20% off on 4/5 products] I picked up the hand wash and body polish from the Cranberry Joy range.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish


The Cranberry Joy body polish comes in a red tube with a golden flip open lid. The red tube matches the Cranberry theme and once I open the lid I could smell the amazing fragrance of cranberry that is fresh at the same time. If you love fresh fruity fragrances then this must be there in your bath routine. The body polish claims to have honey, Cranberry seed, Kiwi seed and Walnut shell powder !! The list is absolutely tempting and I can actually see the seeds [you can see them in the swatch too] and the honey does help retain moisture in my skin. 

I love the body polish for its fragrance and great exfoliation that it does. Though the scrub and the seeds are big, they are not coarse on the skin. It does mild scrubbing and skin feels soft and super pampered after usage. Skin does not feel slippery too. I do not see even one reason to skip this amazing body polish.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish - Ingredients

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish

  • The body polish smells amazing like freshly squeezed cranberries.
  • The flip open tube makes it hygenic and convenient to use.
  • Skin feels super soft after using this body polish.
  • The scrub particles are not coarse on the skin.
  • Claims to have honey, cranberry and kiwi seeds and walnut shell powder.
  • Does not leave a slippery feeling on my skin.

  • I would say the price is not light on pocket especially for a product that would be finished in less than a month. So I had to wait till the sale !

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish - Swatch


The cost of The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish is Rs.795 for 200 ml of the product. I got it during the sale for just half the price.


I have always loved body polishes from The Body Shop and having tried the strawberry and satsuma, I had to try the cranberry joy version too. I loved it as much as I loved the other two and this is one of the products I would always repurchase from The Body Shop [hopefully I find it on sale every time ;)] Price of these body polishes would be the only factor that would stop me from buying these as I easily finish the tube in one month ! 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. nice review :) i have the satsuma polish n i love it :)

    1. Satsuma is amazing too na?

  2. Nice review like always....xoxoxo......^_^



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