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Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Roll On : Photos, Review

Zara is a new brand to most of us, I mean Chennaities, before which I never got a chance to try any products from the brand ! Obviously when they opened their huge store here, it was talk of the town. Their clothing attracted me the most when compared to their accessories, shoes and bags. Only recently I saw that they had stacked few fragrances in a place that would easily go unnoticed ! When I had no idea about Zara fragrances, a sweet little girl came to me showing the little fragrance she got from Zara.

Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Roll On


The Zara Woman fragrance comes in a girly baby pink packaging that is neither too attractive nor too boring. This little roll on would grab the attention of any school girl and so it got in to the hands of one :) Being a roll on, I was surprised with the staying power which was more than 5 hours ! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the notes anywhere online nor at the back of the box in which the roll on was packed. I would describe the scent as a girly yet sophisticated fragrance that has the donimation of musky notes and that explains the long staying power of this fragrance.

Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Roll On

Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Roll On - Ingredients

  • I really like the fragrance.
  • The fragrance is sophisticated yet girly.
  • An EDT that comes in a travel friendly roll on packaging.
  • Stays for good 5 hours in spite of being a EDT.
  • It has some shiny particles inside which I love playing with.
  • Strong musky fragrance but yet does not cause an headache !
  • You can grab these at affordable rates, as they go on offer at times.

  • Couldn't find the notes of this fragrance anywhere :( I prefer knowing the notes of my perfumes.

Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Roll On - The shiny particles that I mentioned above !


The cost of Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Roll On is Rs.390 (on sale) for 10 ml of the product.


This is the first fragrance I tried from the brand Zara and I will definitely try few of them in future too :) If you get a chance do try their fragrances, especially the idea of EDT as a roll on comes very handy if you are person who travels very frequently. The shiny glitters are super fun to play with and guess what my little friend already broke it !! I was too shocked and she was really upset for wasting such an amazing fragrance :(

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥



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