Friday, April 25, 2014

6 Purple/Plum Eye Shadows In My Collection : Collection, Swatch

Every time I do an EOTD with a purple or plum eye shadow at least one of you would ask me to do a collective post and show all the purple eye shadows I have. I finally had some time and patience to pick up all the singles [Yes, I skipped the ones that came in palettes !] and do a collective post today. I spotted 2 from MAC, 2 from INGLOT, 1 L'Oreal and 1 Coloressence eye shadow. Hope this helps you to get an idea about the shades you might want to pick for yourself.

Purple /Plum Eye Shadows

Here, I have mentioned the shade names too,

Purple/Plum Eye Shadows

You can see the full review along with the EOTD if you follow the respective links below,

  • Coloressence Pink Carnation - Review + EOTD here.
  • INGLOT 446 - Review + EOTD here.
  • INGLOT 439 - Review + EOTD here.
  • MAC Stars N Rockets - Review + EOTD here.
  • MAC Parfait Amour - Review + EOTD here.
  • L'Oreal Burning Black - Review + EOTD here.

I just found them that I could groups these 6 shades into 3 pairs as pink purples, purples and plums !

Pink Purples - Coloressence and MAC Parfait Amour

Purples - Inglot 439 and MAC Stars N Rockets

Plums - L'Oreal Burning Black and INGLOT 446

And here are the swatches to give you a better idea,

Purple / Plum Eye Shadow Collection

If I have to pick just a few, I would close my eyes and say that these are the must-haves out of the six [if you are a purple lover] - both INGLOT shades are gorgeous and MAC Stars N Rockets is a pretty unique duo chrome eye color. If you think you need just 1 plum and 1 purple then that would be INGLOT 446 and INGLOT 439 ! Yes, INGLOT wins :)

Which one do you like the most?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I love purple color eyeshadow and liners. While my eyeshadow collection is not as good as that of yours however I own 6 purple eye liners :)

    1. Wow !!! That's a good collection Shikha :)



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