Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 Haul :)

April being a special month for me [few of you would know why] I always have a huge list to shop by the end of March. This time I was not so excited, in fact I didn't have anything to shop at all !! Everybody around me were shocked that they kept asking me every single day if I was normal and do I have anything in my mind so that we could go shopping ! Might be it is because I am growing old ;) Finally, I decided to go shopping and see if I would pick anything at all. The answer is today's post :)

April 2014 Haul

Few of the products were repurchase. After trying the Cleanser and Conditioner from Forest Essentials Bitter Orange and Cinnamon range I went back to my favorite Mashobra Honey and Vanilla again ! The cleanser and conditioner were sold for Rs.775 and Rs.875 respectively [I notice a price hike here !!] To check out the original cost and review go here and here. Since I was a member and I had accumulated points from my previous purchase I got both together for Rs.1240.

I picked up the Helen Harper cotton pads from H&G. This is again a repurchase and you can see these reviewed here. With not a significant change in the cost, these are sold for Rs.135 for 120 pads. Though I have my TBS cotton pads, the little one gets attracted to these and she picks it up now and then and she finished 1/4th of the TBS cotton pads in a week !!! So these HH ones could save my money and at the same time make the little one happy too :) I also picked up the Dove Body Wash which had some offer and was sold for Rs.130 when the original cost was Rs.150.

I had to pick up something from The Body Shop Blueberry range, so I picked up the shower gel which was sold for Rs.425. I had my membership discount so got it for Rs.383.

Supria recommended me to try the MAC Brow pencil in Stud and the MUA suggested me to try both Spiked and Stud. I felt Stud was darker and suited me better. So finally I got a brow pencil for Rs.1100 ! Thank You Sups. I am sure I am going to love it :)

This Month -
Total Amount Spent - Rs.2988
Total Amount Saved - Rs.472
Best Buys - MAC and TBS

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. i love your hauls.
    I am eyeing the blueberry body scrub :) but then i already have 3 im trying to finish so will try to delay it as much as possible.
    not much into cosmetics . im buying lots of clothes n shoes

    1. Thank you dear <3
      I wanted the body scrub too but I ended up buying a lot of clothes so only the shower gel fit into my budget :(
      You must buy more clothes and shoes and do pretty OOTD posts for us :)

  2. I expected quite a large haul,that would have been a eye treat.Wanna try TBS blueberry range?does it smells nice?.I wanna try FE shampoos but i have quite thick hair .It will be too mild for my hair i think.Do u suggest one?

    1. I am myself disappointed with my haul Lakshmi.. Don't know what got into me :p

      I am liking the Blueberry range, esp the scrub. Do sniff it once at the store :)

      If you have thick long hair then you might finish one bottle in a month ! It costs so much these days, so I wouldn't suggest one for you Lakshmi !

    2. Thanks Aarthi for ur honest and caring reply

  3. Aarthi, MAC Stud is my fav brow product ever for being so fool-proof at achieving natural looking brows. Fingers crossed you use it and like it too :)

    1. I would worship you forever if it works on me !

  4. I have Helen Harper pads and the TBS Blueberry shower gel from this list :)

    1. Wow.. How do you like the shower gel Nia?

  5. So lovely haul with great products!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a fab weekend!



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