Monday, April 28, 2014

Coming Soon : Follow Me Skin Care !

Have you ever heard about the brand Follow Me? 

I have never heard about it until Dad picked up a handful of skin care products from the brand during his trip to Singapore. The packaging being very similar to the brand Seacret, I always thought it is the same and only recently I realized that they were completely two different brands !! 

Follow Me Skin Care : Coming Soon

When dad opened a bag full of these Follow Me products [and nothing else] after his trip to Singapore I was super disappointed !! He is a person who has picked up all Dior and Estee Lauder products for us in the past but since I had no idea about the brand I was very upset. 

Then he tried to explain that it is one of the good skin care brands in Singapore and the SA insisted that he buys the entire kit and he was sweet enough to buy 2 sets ! I was so wrongly strongly sure that the SA has convinced my Dad and has sold their products to him. I didn't want to tell this to him then but kept a long face and left the room carrying a bag of Follow Me goodies :(

Then it took a while for me to be normal and google about the 'Follow Me' products. I was very surprised to know that these products were compared to the much hyped Cure Aqua Gel !!! I couldn't believe my eyes and I decided that I should start using it right away :)

I felt so bad for the way I behaved with my dad.. Sorry Dad, I knew you always gave us the best in life :) I am really very sorry !!

Now, I am using these products regularly and you can see the reviews here really soon. Let us see if it does magic on my skin too :) So stay tuned.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. oo..looks interesting..aww..ur dad..I hope you like these and tell that to him..he would be super happy :)

    1. I will definitely do it Bhumi :)

  2. Aarthi, love how uncle gets you all these amazing gifts! My Dad wouldn't even know what Dior or EL meant :P He always gets us loads of food and eatables which I get excited abotu too but who can say no to Dior :D

    1. I doubt even if Dad knows that Dior and EL are those luxury brands but he believes that if it is expensive it should be good too :p

  3. Never heard abt this brand. Waiting to know ur opinion. Ur dad is awesome :)

    1. Will review them soon dear :)



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