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Faces Metaliglow Shade 4 - Multipurpose Potion? : Photos, Review, Swatch & EOTD

When I was hunting for a good eye shadow base my bestie suggested me to try a product from Faces. It is called the Faces Metaliglow. Though I couldn't find it easily online, when I visited my bestie in Bangalore she took me to the mall which had a Faces counter. Remember, only recently we got Faces stores in Chennai. Back then I was really excited and she strongly suggested me to try this tiny bottle which claims to act as a good highlighter too ! Read on to know if it is a good dupe of MAC Hush.

Faces Metaliglow


The SA at the Faces counter told me that this is same as the old metaliglow that came with an applicator - packed just like a lip gloss. My bestie had that tube version and I am a huge fan of her eye make up. So I blindly got this tiny bottle of Faces Metaliglow that would easily break if you slip it out of your hands ! Thus it makes the product not so travel friendly !! The product inside is not very liquid -y, so I tilt the bottle for a while to get the product out. As a highlighter I am in love with it. It never looks too much though it has obvious glitters in it. You can see that I have highlighted my brow bone in the EOTD pic below. As an eye shadow base it works well too but soon after you apply this the eye shadow should go on top of it. It is really easy to apply and spread it on the skin. 

Faces Metaliglow

Faces Metaliglow

  • Comes in a tiny cute bottle.
  • Works as a great highlighter.
  • Easy to apply and spread it on to the skin.
  • Works as a good eye shadow base too.
  • Doesn't accentuate the pores.
  • Leaves a subtle glow in spite of the obvious glitters.
  • Available in 4 different shades !

  • I so wish it came in the old packaging - tube with an applicator as it would have been more convenient to use.
  • The product needs a little shaking and waiting to get it out of the bottle.
  • The glass bottle might break really easily and thus it is not travel friendly too !

Faces Metaliglow - Swatch and Blended like an highlighter

Faces Metaliglow - As an eye shadow base !


The cost of Faces Metaliglow is Rs.699 for 15 ml of the product.

EOTD with Faces Metaliglow as a base and highlighter ( brow bone)
Pls forgive my tired eyes with dark circles :(


I was really impressed with this product that I was so glad I purchased it. I can easily call it a dupe of MAC Hush which is almost double the price of this product. So if you have been hesitating to buy MAC Hush then you might be happy with this product which is a good dupe of MAC Hush. I have also used Faces Metaliglow in my EOTD here and here. There are 4 shades available and I am sure you will get one for your skin tone too. 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Aarthi this looks bronze-y and sheer whereas Hush is champagne and more pigmented and shimmery. It might be the lighting. Maybe you should do a side by side picture :)

    I would be terrified too if such a shimmery thingy came without an applicator. Imagine getting it everywhere on the floor :P

    1. This looks more bronzy but after blending it is all the same. Also, this one is more easy to blend !

      True, I am very impatient when it comes to taking products out of a bottle - be it this one, hair oil (I always end up squeezing the bottle hard and the lid just opens up and the oil will be all over the floor !!)

  2. Looks nice..I love highlighters <3

  3. Looks amazing and love the swatches.....xoxoxo....^_^



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