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MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil : Photos, Review, Swatch

For causing all the possible damage to my hair in the past I am trying to compensate for them now in all ways possible. I have been very regular with oiling my hair and at the same time I make sure only natural products that do not have any chemicals goes on to my hair. I must say that though my hair doesn't look very stylish, it is a lot more healthy and in the best condition ever. During this recovery time Lancy of MABH offered me to try the MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil


The MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with an yellow lid. It has a lid inside that could actually control the amount of oil coming out. The bottle it self is really thin and light that even if you squeeze it with a little pressure the lid inside would pop out pouring the oil out and that is what happened to me !! You can thus see the messy bottle here in all the pics. However the transparent bottle makes it easy to see the amount of product left out.

Coming to the oil itself, it is super light, absolutely non-sticky/non-greasy and doesn't have any strong fragrance. All the above points scored full marks from me and applying the oil becomes more frequent and less complicated because of these aspects. I leave it on my hair for 30 mins to 1 hr every time before I wash my hair. I have been using this oil for almost a month now and I have to say that I am really impressed !

It did reduce my hair fall in this one month and hair felt really soft and manageable right after the first use itself ! I couldn't say much about its effect on dandruff or hair growth because I don't have dandruff and usually my hair grows really fast irrespective of how damaged it is !!

You can see the usage instructions for this hair oil here.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

  • The oil is very light and easy to apply.
  • Absolutely not greasy at all.
  • Doesn't have any strong fragrance.
  • Makes hair soft and manageable right from the first use.
  • Reduces hair fall over regular usage.
  • Easy to purchase.
  • No chemicals at all !

  • The bottle is really flimsy but however I heard that they have come up with a new packaging now.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil


The cost of MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil is Rs.400 for 100 ml of the product, which is almost the cost of the Forest Essentials Hair Oil !

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil


I totally love this hair oil just for the formula and the fact that it makes my hair more soft and manageable in just one single use ! None of the other hair oil did this to my hair. Though the package is a bit of a disappointment, I hope they have improved it in their new version. Though the price is really steep I am glad it reached me in perfect condition and one bottle would last me for good 6 months, beyond which it is not advisable to use the hair oil. I highly recommend this hair oil if you are looking for a good hair oil that could be delivered at your door step.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - Product provided for review purpose but my opinion is completely honest.


  1. I love this oil totally! :)

    1. You got one too Gowthami?

  2. Aarthi I so wanna try this. Can you share the ingredients of the oil?

    1. You can see it here -



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