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Max Store, OMR : An Overview

I never ever thought about reviewing a store/shop until last month, [unless I am invited to do so] but I couldn't stop myself from writing about this one. Yes I am talking about a store in Chennai. This is an informative [I hope to make it one] post for Chennaites but sorry for disappointing others ! I am talking about the Max Store that was recently opened in OMR [Old Mahabalipuram Road], Chennai. Why did I even want to do this post? I'll break the news right away - I just loved shopping there :D So read on to know what was so special..

Max Store, OMR

Where is the store?

You go well past Tidel Park in Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Thiruvanmiyur say 3-4 Kms. This would be the second signal after Tidel Park signal. You would see Hi Style show room to your left. Take a U turn there and you will spot Max after 1 Km to your left.


They have ample parking space and people to guide you too. So even during weekends you will find it easy to get your vehicles parked there. It is just on the main road, so getting a rick or a bus would also be easy and convenient too. Restrooms inside the showroom were decent ! I didn't spot any lift/escalator inside the store, so climbing up the stairs might be a problem for elderly people as the store is in the first floor with parking space in the basement.

What can you expect?

They have a wide range of clothing for Men, Women and Kids. I didn't check out the Men's section in detail (as if you want to know about it ;)) but the Kids collection was small yet great. I loved the collection - both boys and girls :) Second floor shares both Men's and Kid's clothing.

Coming to the important section  - Women's ! 

First floor is totally dedicated for us and is filled with everything a women would like ;) Clothing, Bags, Foot Wear and Accessories. Let me first talk about the little things - Bags and Accessories. There was a small collection of bags and accessories. I wouldn't say it is boring, at the same time not too exciting. Just a row of colorful collection and few of you 'might' spot your favourite piece there !

Okay.. Okay.. I'll talk about the clothing section right away. 3/4th of the first floor is filled with clothing for Women. Wide range of Indian and western clothing decorates the store. Colorful skirts, kurtis and leggings welcome you as you enter the store. Unlike other Max stores everything is kept neat and were in place. Wide color options were available when it comes to leggings, patialas and dupattas. Salwar suits were also colorful and very attractive. This is about the Indian clothing section.

Coming to the Western Wear - I just loved loved and loved the tops, shirts, tees, pants, jeggings and capris they had. Most of the tops were sold for just Rs.550 and I picked up a couple of them. Both the tops have gone for laundry so sorry that I couldn't click a pic. They have really drool worthy gym outfits that really motivates one to start working out ! Trust Me - the collection was amazing and so wide. I even loved their pyjama sets and they were sold for just Rs.550 so I picked up a couple of them too ;) You would have seen one of it already if you have been following me in instagram and I'll share that pic below.

Next comes the foot wear section, something that really impressed me after the clothing section. The price range starts from just Rs.399 !! I found a lot of shoes for just Rs.499 !! This store would reduce my monthly shopping budget to just half of the usual amount. I recommend you to have a look at their footwear collection if you are planning to buy some cute belly shoes and peep toes and especially if you are on a budget shopping !

Another Instagram pic showing a bit of their shoe collection !

I highly recommend all you girls to check out this place and if it is on a weekday I tell you it would be sheer bliss spending time in the store with not many people around you ! The store is much neat and organized when compared to their other stores in Chennai. I have been to their stores in T.Nagar, Anna Nagar, EA Mall and Phoenix too but I loved the one in OMR the best !! Might be because it is newly opened - I have no idea but until it is this amazing I would be going very often. 

Let me know if I missed out something and you want to know about it. Also, let me know if you will be interested in reading such posts about stores in future [not that I have anything in mind right now].

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - This is not a paid or sponsored post. I've shared my personal opinion about the store as I thought it would interest and benefit my readers/followers.


  1. Thanks for the review aarthi, I'll check this next weekend sure :) xo

    1. Glad it helped u Gowthami :)

  2. Aarthi lets go here when we meet up!!! Btw I want that PJ :D

    1. Sure.. You have to travel for 1 hr to reach this place ;)

  3. As a Bangalorean,I'm really impressed by the variety displayed by Max, Lifestyle,Reliance and the like in Chennai :) the Vijaya mall Max is our family fave, and I've picked up several wonderful clothes for myself and almost the entire extended fam. My mum in law now recommends the place to almost every other aunty she meets :)

    1. I very rarely go to Vijaya Mall but if I go I would definitely check out the Max there Medha :) Thanks for the reco :)



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