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Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 : Photos, Review, Swatch & LOTD

I got the Maybelline lip polishes very late, almost only after 3-4 months after they were launched. A couple of co bloggers really tempted me so much that I had a tough time picking just one, so ended up picking 2 shades. I have already reviewed the shade Glam 2 here and today I shall review the shade Glam 9. Both the lip polishes are not just different in terms of shade but in terms of finish as well. Read on to know more about this pretty shade.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9


I love the packaging of these lip glosses / polishes that comes in a transparent tube that shows the gloss inside. When compared to Glam 2, Glam 9 looks like a more subtle color in the tube but transforms as a bright bubblegum pink shade on my lips. The gloss is very creamy and thus I need more than one swipe on my lips to give a even coverage. Glam 9 would suit the lighter skin tones better, however I do pick up the shade now and then during the evenings. It gives a slight tingling sensation in a few minutes after application which subsides in another few minutes. The gloss lasts for good 3-4 hours and it fades evenly on my lips.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9

  • The packaging makes spotting the shade very easy.
  • Though the lip gloss is creamy, it is easy to achieve an even coverage.
  • The gloss stays on for 3-4 hours on my lips.
  • It fades evenly on my lips.
  • Does not dry my lips at all.
  • Easily available.
  • Wide range of shades available.

  • The naming could have been better, because it becomes very confusing to pick the shades based on the shade name !
  • This might not be very flattering on dusky skin tones.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 - Swatch


The Maybelline Lip Polishes are sold for Rs.450 for 5 ml of the product.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 - LOTD


The Maybelline lip polishes are definitely one of the good ones in the market but you wouldn't need more than one ! It is better you take your time out and try all the shades but pick just one as nothing is extra ordinary or outstanding about this gloss. The stickiness might bother you, if you are more of a lipstick person. I highly recommend this bubble gum pink gloss to all girls with lighter skin tones as this would look gorgeous on them !

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. I agree this shade would suit fair skinned but in general i like these lip polishes! :)

    1. Which shades did u like Garima?

  2. I like how creamy they are..the deeper shades are quite opaque..

  3. The packaging of these lip products is really good, but I haven't had the urge to go and buy any. This particular shade looks darker in the swatch than on the lips.

    1. Ya Supria but it would suit lighter skin tones better ...



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