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Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection Limited Edition Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette : Photos, Review, Swatches and EOTD

If you are not so new to makeup then I am sure even the Candy Collection by Sleek Makeup wouldn't be new to you ! The limited edition candy collection had a blush palette [already shown here], a lip paint [that I didn't purchase] and the Eye shadow palette that I will be reviewing today. All the products were so colorful and you would totally agree with me when you see the eye shadow palette. It is not so easy to get these in India, so I had asked a friend to get it for me from UK and she was sweet enough to agree :)

Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection LE Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette


The eye shadow palette comes is a pretty colorful outer box and packed inside is a plain black sleek palette that has 12 different eye shadow shades. I so love their names and here I will list them down 

Top Row - Left to Right 
Strawberry Sherbet -  Baby Pink Matte 
Bon Bon - Shiny Mauve Pink 
Parma Violet - Matte Deep Violet
Apple Soar - Sheen Teal
Pear Drop - Lemon Green
Flump - Light Purple Matte

Bottom Row - Left to Right 
Liquorice - Matte Black
Blue Fizzle - Deep Navy Blue with subtle sheen
Aniseed - Baby Pink with Sheen
Bubblegum - Matte Sea Blue
Mint Cream - Mint Green with Sheen
Cream Soda - White Sheen

Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection LE Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette

The colors are super vibrant and pigmented too. With just a couple of swipes it gives a nice wash of color on my eyes. I am in love with the black especially - the best I have tried so far ! Out of the 12 shades, 5 shades are matte and the rest of the 7 have a sheen to it. I love all the colors ! Though I found working with the greens a bit difficult I am on a serious search for looks with such shades all over youtube ! For the color choice and the pigmentation, I feel the palette is totally worth it :D

Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection LE Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette

  • I love the colorful palette.
  • I love how pigmented all the shades are, not even one disappointed me in terms of pigmentation.
  • Green and Pink lovers can see 3 different shades of each and so you will love this palette.
  • I am loving the black shade - Liquorice in this palette - the best I have tried so far.
  • It has a great balance of mattes and sheens.
  • With a good base it stays on my lids for 5 hrs easily.
  • Totally worth the price.
  • Comes with a mirror and applicator.

  • This is a limited edition !
  • Availability is limited in India !!
  • The applicator is of no use.

Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection LE Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette - Swatches


The cost of Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection LE Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette is £7.99 for 12*1.1g of the product which is Rs.800 approximately.

EOTD with Blue Fizzle and Liquorice from Candy Palette !


I do not have many eye shadow palettes but in comparison to whatever I have, this is the best of all ! I totally love all the shades in the palette and for the pigmentation it is a steal for the price. Don't you think 12 eye colors for just Rs.800 is the best deal anyone would ever get. If you like experimenting with different colors then you have some great teals and greens to play with. I am totally in love with this candy palette.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice touch with the gems strewn around :) I wanna see you wearing those aqua and green shades Aarthi, it will be a fun look :)

    1. I will definitely do a look with greens soon Sups :)

  2. its outstanding...loved your EOTD

    1. Thank you so much Jhilmil <3

  3. omg...I am so in love with the shades.....love the swatches.....xoxoxo......^_^

    1. They are amazing Maria... No doubt :)



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