Saturday, May 24, 2014

An Award and a Tag !

It has been a while, a looooooong while actually ever since I was given an award. I was getting awards from my sweet co-bloggers during the initial few years and then it stopped eventually !! So recently when a sweet co-blogger called 'Maami In Melbourne' told me that she has an award for me along with a sweet tag to take up I was super excited. Yes, I love taking up tags and answering questions, you know you feel like a celebrity being interviewed ;) It is the Leibster Award and she explains leibster means sweet heart in German :) How sweet of you Vaishnavi - Thank you so much.


So here is the tag with a set of questions for me to answer

My questions to  you guys! - by Vaishnavi
1.What are the 5 things that always inspire you to post every day?
I don't have 5 things but just 2 to say,
a) Appreciation mails/ motivating comments from my readers.
b) I like being here so I do at least one post a day.

2.What is the one place that you’d like to go back to, every time?
Sydney, Australia without a second thought.

3.What is your idea of a relaxed day?
Watching a nice movie at home, no cooking, no baby sitting and might be a good relaxing spa in the evening.

4.What is the one essential that you we can always find on your desk?
My phone

5.Which brand in handbags do you think is over-rated? Or over-priced?
Aldo.. My bag was peeling in just 5 months.. I hate Aldo bags totally !!

6.If given a choice between splurging or duping an accesssory (handbag, watches etc), what would you choose?

7.What is it about nature that mesmerizes you?
Rains and cool winds

8.What is your favourite dessert?
Indian - Double Ka Meeta [from Abhi's in Strathfield, Sydney]
Others - Death By Chocolate [from Tangerine, Chennai]

9.What’s your best kept kitchen secret?
Don't spend too much time in the kitchen, else you'll hate cooking ;)

10.Which is the movie that makes you think of falling in love?
The first thing that comes to my mind is a book by Erich Segal called The Love Story 

11.Which DIY are you itching to make next? Or buy next?
A makeup organizer might be ! I am not a great DIY person.

Vaishnavi - Did I pass? 
Others - Did you enjoy the tag? Then please be free to take it up and answer the questions :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. wow.. interesting... should I take it aarthi??

    1. Pls Sindhu.. Do take it up :)

    2. Oh yes Sindhu! I'd love to see your responses :)

    3. hey aarthi and vaishnavi... i did the tag post.. please let me know how is it?

    4. Done Sindhu :)

  2. Great!! I love the answers...I love the "kitchen" answer :D

  3. I loved all your answers but "Don't spend too much time in the kitchen, else you'll hate cooking ;)" this was hilarious



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