Friday, May 9, 2014

Coming Soon : Clothing and Accessory Haul

My month end haul posts are getting smaller day by day and even during my birthday month I do not post really huge haul posts like I used to do ! Not that I have lost interest in makeup or cosmetics but I am very much happy with the cosmetics I have - one day I shall share the list here and who knows you might ask me to stop getting cosmetics totally ;) I buy only if I really get excited about something and these days they are mostly non-make up !!

Clothing and Accessory Haul

Which makes it very obvious - Yes, I am talking about other things to which girls are attracted to, like clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. I have been shopping these like I used to do before marriage !! After the little angel was born, I did lose interest in dressing up and all credits goes to hubby who pushed me to be the same. Though it took a while for me I am back in form :)

Now, having access to so many brands, it has become even more easy for me and it makes my shopping time very interesting too. The above pic is my recent most Instagram pic and from now on I shall share these non-cosmetic hauls with you guys. After all who dislikes haul posts and shopaholics like us would be happy sleeping with these bags ;) Don't we?

So stay tuned to see more haul posts here and I am sure you will be happy about it.

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I want to see this haul asap. :D I am glad that you don't shop as compulsively as before, but, honestly, I totally LOVED those haul posts of yours.

    PS: I loved the Wayanad trip post totally. :)

    1. Hey thats so sweet of you Srishty :) Thank You so so much :)



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