Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 Haul

I don't remember shopping this little ever and I am still not complaining ! It used to be either no haul or a good amount of products every month but this month becomes an exception. I just got two products one from MAC and one Clean and Clear facial scrub. I still don't miss anything much as I have been buying a lot of clothing which I would use more often and justify the money spent on it ! Now, I shall share the little details about the little haul.

May Haul 

The Clean and Clear daily scrub is a repurchase. The only product that controlled my black heads to a good extent. I like the packaging and this 40 g tube was sold for Rs.55 ! Change in packaging comes with a hiked price tag is it?

I had two concerns - one that my foundation doesn't look good on me anymore ! Yes, I am talking about the same Studio Fix fluid and I felt it made me look ashy/dark. So I wanted to know if it just with the bottle I had or I have to re check my shade ! Then I started developing these ugly dark circles because of improper sleep and little stress so I wanted a concealer for myself. I headed to the MAC store and got the Select Moisturecover concealer in NC 45 for Rs.1400 and got a sample of the foundation in NC 43.5.

I also got 3 Nivea Deos for myself which you would have already seen in the blog. Nivea Whitening Sensitive was Rs.199, Fresh Natural Mist was Rs.180 and Pearl Beauty was Rs.185.

This Month -
Total Amount Spent - Rs.2019  [Now I can indulge in guilt free shopping next month ;)]
Total Amount Saved - 0
Best Buys - All I got !

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. nice tiny haul... everybody said clean and clear scrub helped for the blackheads... but it broke me out badly :(

    1. I know many for whom it didn't work Sindhu !

  2. Aarthi I saw the black MAC packaging and got excited thinking it was a lipstick :P Tell us how you like the foundation.

    1. Sure Sups.. Will do :)

  3. Nice haul actually... Sometimes teeny tiny hauls too make us happy

    1. Yaaa.. You clearly conveyed what was in my mind :)



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