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Twin Women by Azzaro EDT : Photos, Review, Notes

This is the second fragrance I am trying from Azzaro after Azzaro Now but I bought this first and forgot about it completely ! This happens often especially when you have too many perfumes with you. When I got this fragrance I had more than 25 perfumes with me and talking about the count it reminds me that I should take a count of the fragrances I have right now :p and check out the ones that are being neglected like this Azzaro Twin. Coming back to this fragrance, I got it just for the bottle and read on to know if I liked the fragrance or not.

Azzaro Twin Women EDT


The packaging of the edt is quite unusual and in the shape of a curve and that urged me to buy this fragrance. Since my hubby was picking it up for me I had no chance to try it before buying. Once I sprayed the edt on my wrists the fragrance was too strong for my liking. I thought it would subside over time but sadly it didn't. On my clothes it lasts all day long and the staying power is definitely amazing ! The fragrance opens up as a strong floral scent and subsides with musky vanilla notes and I didn't like it any form. I felt it is more masculine and this time stronger than the previous one - Azzaro Now ! Sillage is good with an amazing staying power.


Mandarin and green apple flirt with moderation with patchouli, sandalwood and rosewood notes. 
Style: fruity woody oriental

Notes and Style Source :

Azzaro Twin Women EDT

  • The packaging which is a bit different for a perfume.
  • The staying power is amazing.
  • Sillage is very good.
  • Musky fragrance lovers will love this one.

  • Too strong for my liking.
  • Too musky and powdery and it smells masculine too. Totally not my kind.

Azzaro Twin EDT And Azzaro Now EDT


The cost of Azzaro Twin Women EDT is Rs.1500 (approx) for 50 ml of the product.

Azzaro Now EDT and Azzaro Twin EDT


This fragrance won all points except for the fragrance itself. If you love strong, musky, masculine fragrances then this would impress you totally. It was hard for me to find any fruity notes and all I could smell was musk musk musk mixed with vanilla. Lesson learnt on how not to judge a fragrance by looking at the bottle ! One more EDT that goes to hubby - whether he likes it or not he knows I would never wear such a strong masculine fragrance !!

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I think i need to check this out since i do like musky fragrances. Wish it had something fruity in it too...will let my nose decide :)

    1. Haa Haaa... Ya it knows the best :)

  2. The packaging is really cute but too bad it's a big noooo after reading this review....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. You might not know.. Try it once Maria..

  3. Love the look of the fragrance aarthi :) Btw, sent a mail to you :)

    1. Hey Janani... I just replied .. Sorry was not in town and that's why the delay !

  4. Packaging is unique.



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