Monday, May 19, 2014

Writing - My Long Lost Passion : Open Talk

I have always loved reading books and that made me develop a passion for writing as well. That is how I started blogging as early as in 2007 ! Back then there were very few bloggers and all sharing the same passion - writing. I started with casual ramblings - just anything and everything I wanted to write. Later I started separate blogs for my short stories [so-called ;)], cooking and shopping too :) I got stuck with just one and how bad that I totally abandoned the others ! 

Recently, I realized that and whenever I find some time I do go there and write the way I used to do. It feels so nice to be back :)

Cooking / Baking

After 3 years, I started reading books and it felt so good to go back and get lost in a book :) The same with writing as well !!

You would have seen the above pic already if you are following me in Instagram and yes I am slowly sparing some time for my other blogs too. You could see them in the right nav here. Of course the time I need for my short stories is really huge [considering I am a full time mommy] so the space still remains idle. I am glad I have been updating my other 2 blogs - Lost In Utopia and Cooking - My Rocket Science, whenever I find time.

So do spare some time for your long lost passion and it is never late. It feels great ! Take a little time out from your routine, be it drawing, gardening, painting, crafts, baking or even just catching up with your old friends - give it your time. 

After all it is your PASSION :)

Are you still stuck with your boring/busy routine? Did you realize your long lost passion too? Share your thoughts and I am all ears :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. The cookies look deliscious! My oven broke down and I have to make do with a microwave :(
    I love trying stuff, not traditional cooking but something different :)

    I loved both your other sites...keep posting...especially the recipes :)

    1. Me too.. I dont have fun while doing traditional cooking... like to try baking and something diff every time :)

      Sure Vaishnavi.. Will do :)



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