Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happiness Inside : Coming Soon

Whenever I am excited about something I post it here immediately and share my excitement with all you girls [and guys]. Yes, this time it is for both men and women ! I was supposed to do the post today but I am totally held up with so many things happening around me. Also, I hate to do a post in a hurry so I have scheduled the post for some other day. Meanwhile I couldn't wait so here is a sneak peak in to what is so exciting? Happiness Inside...

Keep Guessing...

I am not revealing what is inside and I know many of you are very smart here to guess what is in the box. It is definitely happiness inside in different colors.. here is a clue ! There is one more clue hidden in the introduction. So tell me what you think would be inside. Make use of the clues and keep guessing.

I haven't done anything similar in the past so I am excited about the product and the post at the same time ! Hope it turns out well *fingers crossed*.

Keep Guessing...

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Curiosity kills the cat...which is certainly always applicable as far as I am concerned.. So please reveal and review it soon! :D

  2. curious... i guess that it could be lingerie :P

  3. I thinks it's a book about happiness ...😊

  4. I'm curious. Is it some jewellery ?? Some rings for both? God I can't wait for the suspense to get over.

  5. Not cool!! The suspense is mounting high!! What is it Arthi?

    1. Will be doing the post really soon :)



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