Monday, June 9, 2014

Nude Skin Care ProGenius Treatment Oil : Photos, Review, Swatch

I got the Sephora Oil Set as a gift and you all know how excited I was about the gift. It took a while for me to get back to normal and I kept the box opened in front of me for a while to decide what I should try first. To start with, I picked three and I already showed them all here. Today I am reviewing one of them and I decided to go with the facial oil which is the much raved Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil.

Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil


This tiny sample of Nude Treatment Oil has 10 ml of oil in it. It comes with a dropper that has a push button at the top instead of the usual rubber squeeze dropper ! Looks stylish and easy to use too. I just take 2-3 drops and apply it on plain cleansed face every night. The light yellow colored oil smells a bit weird but the fragrance vanishes soon. The oil is very light and gets absorbed by my skin instantly. It is not at all greasy and that feeling of having a light non-greasy oil on your skin gives some kind of satisfaction that you are pampering your skin. The next day I wake up to see a deeply hydrated, plump and healthy skin. I have been using this for more than 2 weeks now and the overnight effect is all I have noticed. Not it is doing any less but you are sure to see and feel a good skin next morning.

Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil

  • A light oil that comes with a dropper to take the oil.
  • Love the packaging. 
  • No wastage of product.
  • I just need 2-3 drops for my face.
  • Has a variety of plant-based oils that is rich in omega-3, -6, -7 and -9.
  • It is vegan !
  • Skin feels soft, supple and hydrated.

  • The price !! 
  • Availability.

Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil


The cost of Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil is $78 [Rs.4700 approx] for just 30 ml of the product !


I totally enjoy including oils in my routine and I feel these oils make great changes to your skin. Also it penetrates into your skin sooner than the usual creams does and thus I could see results over night. Since the Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil is very light and absolutely non-greasy I love it even more. You don't feel like you have applied anything on your face at all. Only thing that stops me from buying it again is the price ! If you do not mind the price I highly recommend all girls with dry-normal and normal-combination skin to try this one.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. super expensive :P but sounds great!

    1. Ya.. It is good to skin :)

  2. such a tempting product but the price :( and availability :(

  3. Nude Skincare is one brand that I really want to try. But I'm wary of ordering online now because somehow, Bombay customs charges heavily on these international packages :(

    1. Dollie, Not even about the customs but I feel with International Shipping my package might never reach me at all :p

  4. Little wonder. I wanna try this one. Thank you for such a lovely review

    1. This is lovely.. When I get Kiehls next you try this ;)



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