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July 2014 Empties - A Good Bunch of Products !

Only last month I was thinking that there is no point in me doing these 'Empties' post as I have been finishing up only a couple of products and that is not going to motivate any of you to finish your products too. I just told myself that my next 'Empties' post would be up only if there are a minimum of 5-6 products that I managed to finish up. When I randomly checked the empty bottles, it was a surprise and yes I did manage to empty 6 products this month !! So here is this month's empties post.

July 2014 Empties

Most of the products I managed to empty this month were really good. So lets head on to the brief reviews right away !

The Nature's Co Cinnamon Bath Salts

If you love the fragrance of Cinnamon then you are sure to love these bath salts by the Nature's Co. On a very tired day I just let the bath salts in the bath tub and soak myself for a while. The warmth of the water along with the fragrance would ease away any body/head ache. On other days I use them to scrub my feet as the salts are huge and coarse so I never used them on my body. Loved using it.

Will I Repurchase? - Someday.. Yes 
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - People looking for bath salts with calming fragrance.

Forest Essentials Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Hair Conditioner

A hair conditioner that did absolutely nothing to my hair other than leaving my hair smell amazing. This is a conditioner meant for fine, normal hair as this didn't do anything to my dry frizzy hair. I got the full-sized bottle on my friend's recommendation only to realize that this would work on fine hair like my friend has and not on my hair type at all. You can see the full review here.

Will I Repurchase? - No
Good, Bad or Okay - Okay
Product meant for - People with fine and normal hair.

Impulse Goddess Body Spray

This is a body spray that I love and I will be repurchasing this forever. This is one of the very few body sprays I have reviewed in the blog, because I love it so much. I always make sure I have a back up of this particular variant 'Goddess' and even now I have one more left with me. If only it didn't have the alcohol content then I would never ever try any other body spray ! You can see the detailed review of this fragrance here.

Will I Repurchase? - Always
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - People who like oriental vanilla fragrances.

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

This was a new launch in the market and since I have dry skin throughout the year irrespective of the season Dove soaps are always in my bath. For a change I wanted to try the body wash and it didn't fail to impress me like the soaps did. I totally enjoyed using the body wash and my skin loved it too. Skin felt soft and was never dry. I do follow with a moisturizer but still this is a great option for the upcoming monsoons. You can see the full review here.

Will I Repurchase? - Yes
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - People with dry skin and who need only mild exfoliation.

Gia Bath and Body Works Chocolate Body Polishing Scrub

An amazing scrub that has all natural ingredients to pamper your skin. If you haven't read the full review I highly recommend you to do it now. You can see the full review here. It amazingly exfoliates your skin without leaving your skin dry. All the natural oils makes your skin feel super soft and silky. More than anything the fragrance will make you forget yourself. One of the best body scrubs I have tried so far. A must must must try !!

Will I Repurchase? - Always
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - Everybody who love their skin.

The Nature's Co Lavender Body Lotion

I am not a fan of lavender fragrances. In fact I can't bear the smell at times and for a person like me this body lotion is a dud. It is a very light body lotion and my dry skin looks normal only for a couple of hours after I apply this body lotion. The fragrance is too strong and reminds me of some cheap soaps kept in hotels. This is definitely not a product for me !

Will I Repurchase? - Never
Good, Bad or Okay - Bad
Product meant for - People with oily skin and who love strong lavender fragrance.

You might or might not see an Empties post next month. The next 'Empties' post will be up only when I gather good amount of emptied bottles !!!

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Dove Body Wash sounds good..would check out.

    1. I loved it for my dry skin <3 Hope you like it too Bhumi :)

  2. I am desperately trying empty most of my has been piling up from ages :/

    1. C'mon Swati.. It is time to do an empties post in your blog .. :)

  3. Hey Aarthi you have finished quite some lovely products. I really need to try Gia range.

    1. Gia's range is really really good Fi..



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