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Essie Nail Lacquer in 'we're in it together' : Photos, Review, NOTD

Essie nail enamels are my current favorites and I am looking forward to expand my collection slowly in all ways possible. I have been asking my friends and relatives abroad to get it for me whenever they are planning a trip to India. Also, I am loving all the shades of the recently launched Neon 2014 collection, so if my luck favors me then you can see those gorgeous shades in the blog here :) Today you will be seeing a pretty baby pink shade here named "we're in it together".

Essie Nail Lacquer in 'we're in it together'


The essie nail lacquers comes in a standard nail polish bottle with a white lid. The top of the lid has the name of the shade written on it. The brush is amazing and it fans out really well making the nail polish application super easy. In just 2 strokes I could polish my entire nails. The shade 'we're in it together' is a pretty baby pink shade with subtle purple shimmers / sheen in it. The purple shimmers are very light that it shows only under particular lighting and not always. One coat of this nail color looks good but only with two coats I get full opaque color on my nails. Never expected this color to be so good, especially not on my dusky skin tone !

Essie Nail Lacquer in 'we're in it together'

  • Great range of shades available. I have never seen so many shades of nail lacquers from one brand !!
  • The brush fans out really well and makes application super easy.
  • No strong fragrance.
  • Simple packaging and easy to spot the color.
  • The shade 'we're in it together' is a pretty baby pink shade with subtle purple shimmers.
  • The purple shimmers are more like a sheen and not very obvious.
  • The shade would suit almost all skin tones.

  • Availability.

Essie Nail Lacquer in 'we're in it together' - Hope you can see the purple sheen (right top corner)


The cost of Essie Nail Lacquer is $8.50 which is Rs.500 (approx) for 13.5 ml of the product.

Essie Nail Lacquer in 'we're in it together' - NOTD


Essie nail enamels have almost everything you expect from a nail polish. Great quality, sturdy packaging, wide range of shades to choose from and an amazing applicator that makes application super easy. If only this was available in India [of course with not a high price tag] I will be the happiest to grab a dozen more of these nail enamels. I highly recommend you all try Essie nail lacquers as these are really amazing.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I so want to try Essie soon!

    1. You should definitely try Swati.. If only it was available in India :(

  2. Such a pretty shade Aarthi. Looks so so chic and lovely on you.

    1. Thank you so much Fi <3 Hru doing?

  3. nice shade
    Essie nail paints are my fav too

    1. Thank You Krithi.. Ya I remember you telling about them .. :) You convinced me to love them even more !!



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