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Golden Smokey Eye Make Up in 8 Easy Steps : Tutorial / Pictorial, EOTD

Recently I tried an eye makeup that was appreciated by a couple of my friends and they were very keen to know how I did it. Rather than teaching them separately I thought I can do a tutorial/pictorial here so that all of you girls can learn this easy eye makeup and try it at home. Trust me, the eye makeup is as easy as it sounds and if you are not very confident with your eye makeup [especially with smokey eyes] then this will be an easy start.

Golden Smokey Eye Make Up : EOTD

The picture above doesn't reflect even 50% of how pretty this eye make up looked directly. Might be next time I shall try clicking better :p

Products Used :
  • MAC Cream Color Base in Hush 
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Wood Winked
  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
  • MAC Eye Shader Brush 239
  • MAC Blending Brush 217
  • L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara
  • MAC Brow Pencil in Stud

These are some basic products you need for this eye makeup. If you want more dramatic look, with a couple of more products and few more steps you can achieve the same. I shall talk about it at the end of the post and now I shall directly go to the tutorial.

Golden Smokey Eye Makeup : EOTD

1. Cleanse and Moisturise your face - A very important step as clean smooth skin will not only help you achieve a great look but also would make your job super easy.

2. Follow the natural shape of your eye and roughly draw thick lines with your kajal, in your crease and your upper lash line as well. Join them at the outer corner of your eyes. Don't worry if you don't get perfect lines as we will be blending it anyways in the next step.

To understand better about your eye zones go here.

3. Now soften the edges of the line drawn using a fluffy blending brush. I have used MAC blending brush 217. Blend the line drawn by swiping the brush from left to right like the motion of your car wiper.

4. Now using a flat shader brush pat on the golden eye color in the centre of your lids. Do not swipe the color on your lids as you need good intense color. Make sure you don't go too much towards the crease as while blending you can cover the gaps, if any. I have used MAC brush 239 for depositing the color on my lids and have used the shade MAC Wood Winked.

5. Again using the blending brush blend the edges of the golden color so that there are no harsh lines and at the same time it blends well with the black color in the crease. Both colors should look like they have merged naturally. Line your upper lash line with a black liner or kajal.

6. Line your water line with the kajal again.

7. Fill in your brows with a brow powder or pencil. I have used the MAC brow pencil in Stud. Curl your lashes and add some prettiness using a mascara.

8. Clean fall outs, if any. This is the final look. This is a simple smokey eye that you can sport even during the day time.


If you need a more dramatic look or you want to sport a similar eye makeup for the evening you can do the following. 
  • Wing out the eye liner in your upper lash line. Here is a tutorial on how to do a winged eye liner.
  • Use a high lighter on your brow bone and tear duct.
  • You could swipe the kajal a bit more intensely in step 2 for a deep smokey effect.
  • Use the kajal on your lower lash line along with water line and smudge it a bit using a pencil brush. This would give you a more intense smokey eyes. 
  • If you have some gold eye pigment you can pat it on top of the gold eye shadow to add some glittery glamour.

Hope you like the tutorial. Please comment below if you like to see such tutorials here.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. You have such pretty eyes Aarthi! Loved the tutorial, I too have been loving gold this season. xx

    1. Thank you so much Fi <3

  2. OMG this actually looks doable! I'm just starting out with simple eye looks & this looks fantastic. I'm going to try it with my bad to the bronze shadow.

    1. That is a good shade Poohkie.. Do let me know how it turned out :)

  3. Thanks aarthi.. That's a nice and well tutorial. It is really helpful for beginners like me.. And you got a very beautiful eyes.

    1. Thank you so much Lakshmi.. :)



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