Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lip Colors close to MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Lipstick in Mystical : Collection, Comparison

This is the third post in which I am talking about MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection and a lipstick in particular from the collection. You know I am talking about the shade 'Mystical'. A few of you had mailed me and asked me to suggest shades close to the shade 'Mystical' and few dupes if possible. The shade is definitely a easily dupable one and I am sure there are a couple of dupes available in the market. I dug in to my collection to see the shades that are very close to MAC Mystical. 

Lip Colors close to MAC Mystical

This post is a special dedication to all girls who loved 'Mystical' but never had a chance to try them or get one for themselves. The stocks were really limited, so don't feel bad if you didn't get one for yourself. Here are a good bunch of lip shades that are very close to MAC Mystical. I know almost all the above shades are pretty in their own way and did you guess which one is Mystical? 

Ok.. Let me list down all the shades.. Give a pat on your shoulder or blow a kiss to yourself if you have guessed it right.

Lip Colors close to MAC Mystical

  • MAC Brick O La - I felt this one is more rosy and warm compared to Mystical.
  • MAC Creme In Your Coffee - Less pink when compared to Mystical.
  • MAC Cosmo - More pale and less pink than Mystical.
  • Maybelline Blushing Brunette - Why did I even try this one? :p
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Chestnut - I found the one finally when I almost lost hopes. This one is a deeper or more intense shade compared to Mystical, however they look very similar. Mystical is more sheer and if you have non pigmented lips then both the shades would look almost the same on you.

Do you feel the same? What's your opinion? 

Do you have any close dupes in your collection? Do Share.

♥ Aarthi ♥

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