Saturday, August 9, 2014

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4 : Photos, Review

I started my eye shadow collection slowly once I loved seeing colors on my lids. Seeing the colors my close family and friends wanted to know how I do it and I started helping them with their eye make up. It came out well a couple of times and from then on I decided to get all the basic shades both for myself and my friends. At a point I badly wanted a palette to hold the singles as it was not safe to carry them just like that in my hand bag. I headed to the MAC store to get a palette and got this Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4 which could hold four eye shadows in it.

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x4


The MAC pro palette is sturdy and comes with the standard MAC all black packaging and a transparent lid. The eyeshadow holder inside can be taken out easily, however it doesn't make anything better. It is more comfortable to place the eye shadows in the insert that has the provision for 4 eye shadows. I chose my four most favorite eye shadows from MAC - Wood Winked, Deep Truth, Cranberry and Stars N Rockets and placed them in this palette for now. It becomes less messy and more easy to just slip this palette in my bag during travel. The MAC eye shadow singles that comes with a magnetic base sticks on to the metallic layer of the palette easily. Eye shadow refills from other brands might not fit in this palette so if you want to try this for other refills, first check if it fits in this palette. The lid closes with an ensuring magnetic click and I am really liking this palette a lot.

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4

  • The pro palette is sturdy.
  • Closes with an ensuring magnetic click.
  • Can hold up to 4 eye shadows.
  • Insert can be removed easily.
  • Once the insert is taken it might hold other eye shadows and blushes.
  • The lid is transparent so you can easily spot what is in it.
  • Comes in the usual MAC all black packaging.
  • Travel friendly.

  • Availability. I have been asking for this palette for a long time and I got it only after I visited the store thrice !

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4


The cost of MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4 is Rs.550. They might have hiked the price by now !

MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4


This eye shadow pro palette by MAC comes so handy, especially when I want to carry a few of my eye shadows along during a vacation. The sturdy packaging ensures the refills are in their place and does not make my bag messy. Easy to even slip inside your pockets. Definitely a great buy if you are an eye make up person. If you want to use this with eye shadow refills from other brands then do check if it fits in this and then buy one.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Totally loving all the shadows. You actually have great eye Aarthi and you do neat eye makeup.

    1. Awwww.. Thank You sooooo much Fi <3

  2. This will be really handy while traveling

    1. True, that is the main reason why I got this Swati :)

  3. even inglot comes with such palettes



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