Monday, August 25, 2014

Nyassa Berry Berry Handmade Soap : Photos, Review

Out of the bunch of products I received from Nyassa I first wanted to review this Berry Berry soap. I finished using my TBS shower gel and for a change I wanted to use a soap. I easily get bored with bath products and since this one was a sample size soap I thought I need not worry about it. Also the fruity fragrance was too hard to resist and hence I opened the package the very next day and started using it without any expectations. Read on to know how this berry berry soap worked on my skin.

Nyassa Berry Berry Handmade Soap


The berry berry soap by nyassa has strawberry extract which is a natural skin softener, shea butter - a natural moisturizer and raw cane sugar - which guards against harmful toxins. This bright purple colored soap suits the name of the soap so much. I opened the outer cover and before I finished clicking the photos I could see that the soap was getting buttery outside. It just glided from my grip and was falling down often. Once I started using it I could see that my skin was left highly moisturized. It just melted like butter on my skin. Though the soap is hand made and has many natural ingredients it does have a handful of chemical ingredients in it ! It smells a bit fruity and a little like bubblegum too. I am enjoying the fragrance during my bath.

Nyassa Berry Berry Handmade Soap - Ingredients

  • I love hand made soaps.
  • Loads of natural ingredients to pamper the skin.
  • Soap is very buttery.
  • Melts like butter on my skin.
  • Smells fruity and a little like bubblegum !
  • Leaves a very moisturized skin after bath.
  • 100% Vegetarian and against animal testing.
  • Easily available online.

  • Has chemical ingredients too !
  • If you are getting the full size soap [this is a sample] then it is better you slice the soap and use little by little, else it might melt away soon.
  • Wish there was a smaller size available too.

Nyassa Berry Berry Handmade Soap


The cost of Nyassa Berry Berry Handmade Soap is Rs.250 for 150 gm of the product.


The nyassa handmade soap Berry Berry is truly a blessing for my dry skin and for all girls with normal-dry skin. On those days when I am rushing to drop my little one at school, I do not mind skipping my moisturizer after using this soap. The fragrance lingers around for a while and it feels like I am just out of a fruity soak !! I am all excited to try the other soap too but probably I will be trying the shower gel next. 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - Product sent by brand.

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