Friday, September 5, 2014

Nivea Deos [Fresh Natural Mist, Pearl & Beauty] - Hit or Miss? : Photos and Review

I can't pass a day without using deos, be it good or bad for the skin I am used to it and being a perfume lover I always have to smell good. Recently I started trying out Niveo deos and ever since then there is no looking back. You could see all my Nivea deos here, here, and here. Today I will be reviewing two of them in the same post as I have got a new variant last week which I am dying to review here and high chances that it would be my favourite out of all !

Nivea Deos


Nivea deos comes with the usual white packaging with different colors on it to differentiate the different variants available. To start with I will talk about 'Fresh Natural Mist' - This deo smells fruity, citrusy and super fresh. I feel super fresh for more than 6 hours when I use this deo on me. I absolutely loved this one only until I found that this has alcohol

The 'Pearl & Beauty' variant was totally not my kind and though I was initially not very happy with the way it smells I got used it slowly. The fragrance is more creamy and powdery and thus it is necessary to shake the bottle well before use, else you will see white patches everywhere !! However this version of the deo is alcohol-free and the it stays for almost an entire day.

Nivea Deos

  • Availability is a major like as I could find it anywhere, even at a small grocery outlet.
  • Simple and easy to use packaging.
  • Wide range of variants available.
  • 4/5 deos I tried smells lovely.
  • Affordable.
  • Though I use deos almost everyday one can would last for 2 months.

  • I just wish all their deodorants were alcohol-free.

Nivea Deos


The Nivea Fresh Natural Mist costs Rs.180 for 150 ml of the product and Nivea Pearl & Beauty costs Rs.185 for 150 ml of the product.


I really like the Nivea deos especially the fresh variants and the whitening ones and I only wish these were alcohol-free. I would definitely say Nivea Deos are a HIT, else I wouldn't try so many of them one after the other. Nivea definitely needs a pat on its shoulder for bringing out so many affordable deodorants in to the market. I have one more version of the deo that I will be reviewing soon, till then stay fresh and sweat-free with Nivea deodorants.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I have never used nivea deos! But they seem great.



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