Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nyassa Rosaleda Body Mist : Photos, Review

I love trying different scents, especially when Indian brands like Nyassa introduces them I get very excited about it. I feel not many Indian brands are into fragrances, so whenever I get a chance I grab a couple of them. Lucky Me, I got the Rosaleda Body Mist along with a bunch of other products the brand sent out to me. You could see them here. From the name, I expected it to smell something floral and rosy and it was exactly the same. 

Nyassa Rosaleda Body Mist


"A sensual rose bouquet
As the name just this fragrance inspired from sensual rose bouquet. This mist gives you a more intense, long-lasting aroma. Spray on for a touch of scent." - Source

The Rosaleda Body Mist comes in a thin tube packaging made of plastic with a spray cap and a lid. This tiny tube has 9 ml of the product which I would easily finish in a couple of weeks or even sooner. It would easily fit inside my bag or even my pocket and thus these are travel friendly. These body mists are available in 5 different variants out of which this looks like the only floral fragrance. As the name suggests it smells rosy and floral. The fragrance is mild though and not like the ones that would cause a head ache. The only down side with this body mist is the longevity. I don't smell it after an hour !! Sillage is very moderate too.

Nyassa Rosaleda Body Mist

  • Fragrance is floral and rosy.
  • It is very mild.
  • Comes in a slim and sleek packaging.
  • Fits inside my bag easily.
  • Travel friendly.
  • 5 different variants available.

  • Sillage is moderate.
  • Longevity is not great too. It stays on me only for an hour.

Nyassa Rosaleda Body Mist

The cost of Nyassa Body Mists are Rs.150 for 9 ml of the product.

I am not a fan of floral fragrances but yet the scent of 'Rosaleda' is so soothing that it was an instant love. However, I expected the staying power to be more when I can even ignore the sillage. When their soaps and shower gels smelled amazing I expected more from their fragrances. I am glad that there are other variants available too and I might pick up the fresh ones some time later as these tiny tubes comes so handy during travel. 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - Product sent by brand.


  1. Where I will get these Bodymists ?

    1. Online Itz :), and

  2. price is good but would have wanted it to last longer...hmmmm should I buy or should I not buy? that's a lot of thinking I have to do now hehe

    1. If you need a good fragrance that could fit easily in your pocket /bag and if u r a person who would prefer to carry a fragrance along.. then this is a good option..



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