Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Haul !

I am back from my trip and I am getting back to my routine slowly but yet I don't have the energy or push to do a post here ! I do have a lot of posts lined up including the little haul I did in Singapore and I am telling myself that I have to be back in form really soon. The holiday mood just refuses to get off me.. lol ! Coming to this month's haul, it is more of skin and hair care and very little cosmetics. Yet a good bunch of products to make me feel satisfied.

September Haul

All brands that is being covered in this haul post are my favorites and I shall start with the Forest Essentials Hair Oils. Hubby picked this up from Mumbai Airport randomly and I don't know why he chose 2 different hair oils and nothing else :( One is my favorite Bhring Raj and the other one is Japapatti. These tiny bottles costs Rs.325 each. I remember getting these for just Rs.250 an year back !!

I love M&S clothing and while billing my clothes I found the cute vintage looking pink tin which had a hand cream. The packaging just made me pick it up instantly. This tiny tub of hand cream costs Rs.399.

I wanted a good face mask and a face wash. I didn't have time to go shopping so I decided to try Aroma Magic. The website had some discount too and I picked up two brightening beauty pack (one for me and one more for my bestie), the coffee bean scrub and white tea and chamomile face wash. The face mask was sold for Rs.338 [OP-Rs.375], face wash was Rs.68 [OP-Rs.75] and the scrub was sold for Rs.338 [OP-Rs.375].

Then comes the necessities, Nivea deos - these were amazing and were sold for just Rs.180 each. I grabbed two as I loved the fragrance and it had some 33% extra too ! Then a couple of things from Colorbar - the nail polish remover for Rs.125 and Ultimate eyeliner for Rs.550 and both the products are a repurchase ! I can't do without these products.

This Month -
Total Amount Spent - Rs.2178
Total Amount Saved - Rs.81
Best Buys - Aroma Magic products.

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. nice haul aarthi :) the hand cream looks super cute. waiting for the aroma magic product reviews. heard a lot about the coffee scrub but i think it is meant for dry skin anyways waiting for your point of view :)

    1. I am excited about the AM products too.. Started using the face wash and it is good.

  2. Great Stuffs Aarthi :) I too love the Nivea deos <3 btw how is the AM mask? Is it good?

    1. Varshini is the one who highly recommended this mask to me. Also there are a lot of good reviews about the mask Reks.. Yet to try it though.. I am waiting for the current one to get over.

  3. I need to get those nivea does.nice haul :)

    1. They are truly amazing Swati :)



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