Thursday, October 9, 2014 : Website Review

Not very often we come across such websites that gives you a quick idea about some of the best colleges around your city along with the list of courses offered. At least for me this is the first time I am seeing a website that helps all who passed out from school and are looking for some good colleges and courses to join. When College Dunia approached me to do a review about their website, I was more than glad to do it here. So this is a post for all school and college-goers who could help their friends and siblings to find the right college and course for themselves !

Navigating through their website was hassle-free and it was very easy for me to find out what I was looking for. This website has listed 294 Management colleges, 257 Engineering colleges, 164 Arts colleges,  215 Science colleges, 109 commerce colleges and 31 law colleges in India along with their ratings ! Isn't that very impressive?

On selecting the city and state you get an option to choose your stream and course of your interest. Once you choose a college and click on it, it takes you to a page that has all the following details about the college
  • fee structure
  • address
  • web address
  • placement
  • approval 
  • courses offered
  • some photos
  • reviews about the college
  • faculty details
  • college ranking in India
  • hostel information
  • other facilities/amenities available

Also there is a list of other colleges that will be listed in the right side based on your search ! It makes your search as simple as that !!

They also have a list of featured colleges in their home page itself along with some premium colleges being showcased. 

The best part is the information shared in this web page doesn’t stop with just the colleges but on clicking the ‘Exams’ tab you could see the exams you might have to prepare with respect to each and every course and even state wise, if necessary. This was something unexpected and I felt this would help people from rural areas and other states who would have no idea about the entrance exams they would have to face before choosing the course and colleges. 

They have also shared some important and happening updates regarding the entrance exams, admission procedures in different colleges and different states within India. Other updates regarding the fee structure as per Indian Government regulations have also been listed and the information shared is very very very huge ! 

I must appreciate the efforts taken by the College Dunia team to come up with such an great idea. Considering they are very new, the amount of information gathered and being shared is enormous. I highly recommend all school and college goers to check out this website and also this would be very helpful to parents who are confused about how to choose the right college for their children. 

College Dunia is a great website with a lot of information on colleges, courses and exams to be taken in India. 

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - This is a sponsored post. However, opinion expressed here are 100% honest.

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