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Festive Eye Makeup - Pink & Gold with a Hint of Purple : Tutorial, EOTD

Festive season is around the corner and there are numerous ways in which you can make your eyes pop by placing pretty colors on your lids ! I wanted to do a tutorial on how to achieve a festive eye makeup in simple easy steps also because it has been a while since I did any tutorial or EOTD here. I had too many colors in my mind but then traditional Indian festivals are incomplete without gold and pink. I did add a little purple too as it is my favorite color.

Festive Eye Makeup - Pink & Gold with a Hint of Purple : EOTD

The pic above is the finished look and the colors looked more intense directly. I am still clue less on how to capture the colors exactly the way it looks on my lids ! However I was happy with the way it turned out finally. I tried 2 more looks before this but I liked this the best so I am sharing the same here. There is something missing in the pic above.. will share the same at the end of the post. Till then keep guessing ;)


The below pictorial shows how to achieve the look in 9 simple steps. Scroll down to see the description step wise.

Step By Step Tutorial To Achieve The Festive Eye Makeup 

1. On cleansed skin apply moisturizer at least 5 mins before doing the make up. This step is very important as prepping the skin plays a major role in making your makeup last long and at the same time to be kind to your skin too. I usually first do my eye makeup and then the rest of my face.

2. Apply a good eye shadow base and blend it well. I just use my fingers, if you have a good brush you can use the same. This would hold the colors for a longer time and would avoid creasing. I have used MAC Hush which doubles up as an highlighter too. You could already see it on my brow bone and tear duct.

3. Take the golden color and with a flat brush [MAC 239] apply it on the inner half of your lids. I have used MAC Woodwinked here, a shade that is a must-have according to me. Any festive look or bridal make up is incomplete without this shade.

4. Fill the outer half of the lid with a shimmery pink eye shadow. I chose a pink shade called 'Aniseed' from Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection. A lovely pink shade that I use often. Blend both the colors to avoid any sharp edges.

5. I had to include a third color to make this look more colorful and so I chose purple. I used the same flat brush to pat the color on my lids and I picked up the shade 'Parma Violet' from the Sleek I-Divine Candy Collection again. I used it on the outer v and extended a bit above the crease. Blend harsh edges if any.

6. Line your lower lash line and waterline with a intense black kajal. I have used the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal which is my current favorite.

7. Line your lids by drawing a jet black line close to your upper lash line. I have used the Colorbar Ultimate eye liner and also I have winged it a bit to make it look more attractive. You could just stop it at the corner of your eyes. It is totally your choice. Here is an tutorial on how to draw a winged eye liner.

8. Fill in your brows and never skip this step as it makes a lot of difference to the entire look. I have used MAC Stud here and there is not a single day I step out of the house without using this brow pencil !

9. You could even apply the same colors on your lower lash line but I liked it this way so I stopped. This is how the colors look all together. Below is a close up pic of my eye makeup. 

Festive Eye Makeup Look - EOTD

Well, here is what I missed... I forgot to curl my lashes and apply mascara !! I remembered only after I wiped all the makeup. If you did spot the mistake give a pat on your shoulder :) The carrots your mom gave you did help you a lot :D

So how did you like the look? Please share your views.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. i did not notice the missing mascara until you mentioned it aarthi :) well we can take it like your eye makeup looks good even without mascara :) beautiful eotd apt for this festive season :)

    1. Awwww... Thank You sooooooooo much <3

  2. Beautiful Eye Makeup ^_^
    Even I didn't noticed it :D .. Even I had committed the same mistake in my last look :D #SamePinch

    1. Yaaayyy ! Same Pinch :D



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