Friday, October 3, 2014

Shopping in Singapore :)

I went on a trip to Singapore recently with my family and it was the best and most memorable trips we have ever done. Planning to do a post about it in my other blog soon and meanwhile I thought I will show you what I picked up for myself there. I decided not to shop a lot as I heard everything was more expensive in Singapore than in India ! I had a few things in mind but I couldn't get any of them, so this haul was totally unplanned. The perfume and nail enamels were some last minute picks from airport duty free.

Singapore Shopping !

Starting from the left top and going clockwise, the pocket pads are nothing but tiny notebooks to pen down anything you feel like. It came as a set of 4 in different colors with cup cake prints on it. It was too hard to resist and so I grabbed one. Next is a colorful moustache prints pouch which I picked up from Candilicious [a candy shop at Sentosa] along with the pocket pads. The stationeries at this candy shop was as drool worthy as their candies :D

The chinese woman toy-like-object is nothing but a pretty umbrella that I got from China Town. 

Chanel No 5 perfume, Chanel Nail Enamel in Tutti Frutti, Revlon Scented Nail enamels in Lime Basil and Espresso were all picked up from the duty free shop at the airport. The Revlon Nail Enamels were sold 50% off the original cost. I wanted to pick more but rest of the shades weren't that impressive and not all shades were available.

Next comes my favorite buy - Rayban Wayfarers. Finally I got one for myself, Yay !! The set of pouches you see were again from China Town. I picked up these in two different prints and mixed both prints. One set went to mom and other one is for me :)

The black box in the centre is for you to guess ! Yes, you have to guess both the brand and the product. I am sure it is an easy guess :)

I am loving this little haul totally.

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. It's weird because I have heard that Charles & Keith is way cheaper than in India. So, I thought that must be the case with most brands? And, I guess that's a Michael Kors watch :D

    1. I did check out Charles & Keith and it was definitely not cheaper !! The scented Revlon Nail enamels were sold for Rs.500 and after 50% off I got them for Rs.250 !! If it was not on offer I wouldn't have picked it up at all.

      Your guess is absolutely right :)

  2. got some really good stuff. How cute is that doll umbrella!

  3. Such cute stuff! I look forward to my HongKong trip in Dec now :p My frd has those foldable RayBan wayfarers <3

    1. Hong Kong has pretty cute stuff too. Hope you have a great trip and wish to see your haul too Bhumi :)

  4. wow that is a cute and interesting haul.That black case is Michael kors branded,might be watch.

    1. Thank You Lakshmi :)

      Yes, easy guess illa?

  5. Wowiie !
    Such a cute haul ^_^ .. I'm drooling over it ;)



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