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Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Vintage Forget-Me-Not Fragrant Hand Balm : Photos, Review, Swatch

Marks & Spencer clothing line is one of my favorite and most comfortable out of all that I have in my wardrobe. So I keep going there all the time and on one such visits I remember a co-blogger writing about this hand cream. Though I do not remember if it was a positive or negative review, the vintage packaging with pink and white polka dots attracted me. I had to pick one for myself that was lying near the billing table :)

Marks & Spencer Forget-Me-Not Fragrant Hand Balm


The vintage packaging is definitely a major attraction because the very next week I could see that all the hand creams were sold out ! The lid got damaged a bit, else I would have reused the tin for some storage. The twist open lid is fine and the hand cream is a white thick cream with floral fragrance. The fragrance is not too strong so I am loving it so far. The cream is too thick that it does not loosen a bit even during the summers. This would definitely be a great hand cream for winters if you do not mind massaging it on to your skin for a while. It keeps my hand moisturized for 6 hours and some times even more. 

Marks & Spencer Forget-Me-Not Hand Cream

  • The vintage tin packaging will definitely attract your attention.
  • The fragrance is floral. Though I am not a fan of floral fragrances I am still liking this one.
  • The fragrance is not too strong and it subsides too quickly after application.
  • A good hand cream for winters.
  • Product would gain points from people with dry skin.

  • The cream is really thick and massaging it on to the skin is a task. 

Marks & Spencer Forget-Me-Not Hand Cream

Marks & Spencer Forget-Me-Not Hand Cream - Swatch


The cost of Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Vintage Forget-Me-Not Fragrant Hand Balm is Rs.399 for 75 ml of the product.


I wouldn't call this a must-have product, even if you have dry skin. There are other better and cheaper options in the market. This was just a change for me from my usual hand cream and I am almost finishing it. I would rather prefer a lotion that I could use on the go than spending extra time on applying a hand cream !

Rating - ♥♥♥.5



  1. The tin is so cute! I wish it is still available coz I need to get it asap!

    1. I doubt if it will be available Swati :(



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