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Beauty Subscription Bags (Boxes) in India - Which is the one for you?

It has been so long since I shopped any cosmetics and you all would know about the self-imposed shopping ban. You can read all about it here and it has been full 8 months !! Yes, all I bought in these 8 months would be a kajal, shampoo and conditioner !! My ban got over a couple of months ago (March) yet I didn't have the urge to buy anything. I was totally lost and have been thinking of buying something that would rekindle the shopaholic in me. That is when these beauty bag/boxes came to my mind.

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Can you believe that I have never tried even one beauty bag so far? 

Probably the idea of trying samples never fascinated me ! 

Now, when I am too confused about what to try/buy I thought why not give these beauty bags a try. So I sat down with my laptop for some time and did a little study about all these beauty bags available in India. So, today I will be sharing my views on the same and this might help you decided whether you need one for yourself or not. I was not interested in the ones available outside India as a couple of friends said we might have to pay extra customs ! 

What are these beauty bags/boxes?

If you are hearing the term 'beauty bag' for the first time then this is for you. A beauty subscription bag would have 3-8 samples and (or) or full-sized products which includes cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and hair care. Few even add some accessories to the bag as an added surprise !

Most of their websites have a questionnaire when you register yourself and thus they know a little about your skin, hair and your major skin/hair concerns. Based on your answers they claim to choose products for you to go into the personalised beauty bag. 

Beauty Bags in India

Some of the famous beauty bags in India are Fab Bag, My Envy Box and MSM Box. Let us see a little about each one.

Fab Bag

Fab bag usually contains 3 products from different brands kept in a pretty little pouch.  Once you try their samples, if you are really impressed then you get discount vouchers to shop the full sized product from their website. They have more than 80 brands which includes Forest Essentials, Bioderma, Soultree, Chambor, Vichy, Wella, Bourjois, Clean & Clear, Za and so on. They even have a Men's Fab Bag. 

Fab Bag costs Rs.599 per month, Rs.1499 for 3 months, Rs.2699 for 6 months and Rs.4799 for 12 months.

They usually ship in the 3rd week of every month. So probably your June Bag might reach you in July !

My Envy Box

My Envy Box is a bigger box (not a bag) in size and cost and it has 5 samples of luxury products in it ! Yes, having luxury products makes this box a little different from the others. They have over 40 luxury brands to shop from including Clarins, L'Occitane, Shiseido, Innisfree, Lancome, Forest Essentials, Crabtree & Evelyn and so on. 

My Envy Box costs Rs.850 for a month, Rs.2250 for 3 months, Rs.4350 for 6 months and Rs.8500 for 12 months.

This one seems to be a favorite among many beauty enthusiasts and bloggers in spite of the price !

MSM (My Style Mile) Box

MSM Box is again a beauty box that has a mix of deluxe samples and full sized products for us to try. The brands include Biotique, Organic Harvest, Kama Ayurveda, Natio and a few more. Compared to the other two beauty bags this one seems to have very limited brands to shop from !! However, their beauty boxes have samples from many more brands.

MSM Express box costs Rs.495 for a month, MSM Select Box costs Rs.995 for a month, Rs.2695 for 3 months, Rs.5195 for 6 months and Rs.9995 for 12 months.

I have no idea about the difference between Express and Select box though !

Having known a little about the beauty bags available in India, read on to know if these beauty bags are made for you or not.

You should try these beauty bags
  • If you like to try samples before investing on the full sized products.
  • If you like to try a lot of products.
  • If you like little beauty surprises every month.
  • If you are bored of choosing products on your own.
  • If you are excited about trying different brands that doesn't have a store in your city.

You shouldn't try these beauty bags
  • If you are not a online shopper.
  • If you like to handpick products yourself.
  • If you are not really keen on trying out new products and pretty much happy with what you are already using.
  • If beauty samples (even from luxury brands) doesn't surprise you.
  • If you are not keen on samples and you only like full sized products.

After the ban I had no clue on what to try and at the same time I didn't want to spend a lot on these beauty bags. So I have ordered for Fab Bag and MSM Express Box, together it costed me around Rs.1000 only. Once I receive the bags I will review the same and share my views too.

So have you tried any of these beauty boxes? Do you have any recommendations? Share your views about the same.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Hi Aarthi, I have tried all 3 boxes, my take on these are as follows :

    1) My Envy Box : I first tried this Beauty Box (3 months subs). This box does contain all luxury samples but the quantities are way too small. It is undoubtedly favourite with beauty enthusiasts & bloggers but not too much exciting for mass. I particularly loved their perfume vials.

    2) Fab Bag : Secondly I tried this (twice for 3 months sub each). The first thing that attracts me most about this is the different pouches in which they send the products each month. These pouches are pretty & reusable in so many ways. In my case, I got each bag on the designated month itself so can't complain about delayed delivery. Here the sample sizes are much bigger & majorly semi-deluxe alongwith the discount vouchers to buy the full-sized ones. I love Fab Bags.

    3) MSM Box : Tried one Express Box & one Select Box. Loved Select Box much more than Express one. The Select Box majorly contains full-sized products which is absolutely beneficial if the products suit you. Alongwith the products they usually send a cute accessory ( bangle/neck piece).

    Amongst the three I loved Fab Bag the most while MSM Select Box is close second.

    I have also tried The Beauty wish Box from The Nature's Co. but it contains all products from this brand only. The product sizes are absolutely fab & all the boxes are theme base eg they send the products in a Santa hat in December, sent a nice warm stole in Jan/Feb (forgot the month). I quite liked the Beauty wish Box.

    Hope my views will help you out... :-)

    1. Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. Thanks for the detail info Itzy :) There is nothing more I have to know about beauty bags !! I've got the MSM express box and I am disappointed. Waiting for my fab bag.. *fingers crossed* :(

    2. Me too ordered the June Fab bag & MSM select box...plz share a post about your take on MSM Express box, if possible...hope you ll like the Fab bag...😊

    3. Sure Itz.. I'll do it :)

  2. There is a Sugarbox too. Any one who tried that please let us know more!

    1. I think sugarbox is international, so I never bothered :(



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