Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Haul - Haul after 8 whole months !!!

Finally, after a good 8 months, here is a haul by 'A Shopaholic' !!!! Though the break was really huge I have to say I really didn't miss much all these days. I revamped my wardrobe, started using up all the cosmetics that were lying just as a show piece on my vanity and I made a mental note of what I shouldn't buy and I should buy. So here is a good bunch of products that you'll be seeing me reviewing in the next couple of months :)

June Haul

This is a decent pic of all what I got this month and there is even a messy pic with all products out of the bags which I skipped here ;) I am pretty happy with my haul as I picked up only what I needed and 2 beauty bags to see how exciting these are. You would have already seen the haul from Gia Bath and Body Works early this month here. I would review the products individually pretty soon here. Together these costed me Rs.1614.

I was dying to try the new line of products launched by Forest Essentials - Iced Pomegranate with Fresh Kerala Lime. Since I had already picked a good amount of bath products from Gia BBW, I just picked up the Hair Cleanser and Conditioner from Forest Essentials. The SA said it is meant for oily scalp and I wanted to give it a try as during summers I feel my scalp becomes very oily and greasy ! Keep watching this space for my review. The Hair Cleanser and Conditioner duo costed me Rs.1850.

Now comes the beauty bags, I picked up the fab bag for Rs.539 [10% discount if you are ordering for the first time] and the MSM Express Box for Rs.495. Both the beauty bags didn't excite me much. I felt the products were not as surprising as I had expected :( Now, let us go and see the monthly accounts.

This Month -
Total Amount Spent - Rs.4498
Total Amount Saved - Rs.866
Best Buys - Gia's Cucumber Melon Whipped Soap 

Happy Shopping :)

What would you call your best buy this month? Share in the comments section :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Wow! That's quite a good haul! Lookign forward to the reviews :)

    1. Thank You Swati :) Coming up soon :)



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