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My New Hair Cut at Essensuals Salon : FOTD & Experience

I usually go for a hair cut only once a year and probably trim it a couple of times in between. I have wavy, frizzy hair that grows really fast but the thickness is pathetic, so I don't have much option but to chop it off. Also, living in a hot city like Chennai, it is hard to maintain long hair and that is another reason for me to go for a cut at least once a year. I have never been a fan of long hair but after the new hair cut I am loving short hair like never before !!!

Read on to know my experience at Essensuals, RA Puram, Chennai and also an FOTD for you all :)

My New Hair Cut at Essensuals Salon

Last year when I got my hair cut done at Toni & Guy, Phoenix Market City, Chennai [ You can read all about it here ] I thought I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hair cut in the future ! One of my friend insisted that I try hair cut from another guy [his friend] who works with the same salon from a different branch. I promised him I'd do that next time. So this time I asked my friend to fix an appointment for me and only then he told me the hair stylist is the one who does for celebrities !!! I was not sure if I had to go with him as I usually hate the attitude of these celebrity hair stylists and my past experiences were bad as well but my friend assured me that the hair stylist is very friendly and I need not hesitate at all.

The Essensuals at RA Puram was opened very recently, just a week before I visited them. I got the appointment for 16th Tuesday and when I had called them to get the routes they were kind enough to guide me properly. The salon looked really good and the interiors were perfect. I was offered a drink while I was waiting hardly for 10 mins for the stylist to arrive. Mr.Dev, the stylist was patient enough to listen to my requirements and suggested me some keratin treatment. I told him that I was not prepared and also I don't trust such treatments, as most of them only ruined my hair in the past. He didn't push me but just did what he could do the best with my hair. My hair was washed before the cut and blow dryed after by an assistant stylist. However, Dev did the cut and he was really quick. He gave me some maintenance and styling tips as well. He even recommended some products for me to try but while leaving I forgot to ask about it and even he didn't push me to buy it. 

Overall, the experience was good and my hair cut from the Creative Director costed me Rs.1850 (approx), which was Rs.1500 last year !!! Since it was just once a year, I didn't mind the cost as the experience was hassle free and I liked the new look.  

It was almost the same cut given to me last year, a side bang with lots of layers with my hair being cut till shoulder length. This time my hair looked more bouncy and he advised me to leave my natural waves just the way it is, as it looked good that way. I am planning to go once again for some highlights, probably in a month or two.

You should try Essensuals,
  • If you want to try something new on your hair.
  • If you are open to experiment.
  • If you want to give yourself a makeover.

You shouldn't try Essensuals,
  • If the cost bothers you and you are not ready to spend so much for a cut. Still, you can try other stylists whose charge wouldn't be this high !!!

Hope you find this post useful and informative.

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - I was not compensated in anyway to do this post. Also the views are totally mine and based on my experience at Essensuals, R A Puram, Chennai. 


  1. super cool look... go for the highlights :)

    1. Ya.. I really want to Sindhu :) Thank You :)

  2. love the haircut...suits u!

  3. Lovely haircut! Suits you really well :)

  4. Neat, sweet & should definitely go for highlights...:-)

  5. U look much younger now aarthi

  6. the cut looks super fun on you. lovely, worth the money :)



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