Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I Got In Mail?

After a really long gap finally I decided to shop something for myself. I thought I should order some skin care online and shop makeup at the stores directly. You all already know how much I loved the Gia Bath and Body Works products, so my first choice was to buy a bunch of products from them. Luckily, there was some offer going on and I ordered some bath products. I had enough moisturisers and fragrances to last for another 3-4 months and I have never been a fan of soaps, so didn't buy any of them. You must see what I picked up along with my first impressions.

Gia Bath & Body Works - What I got in mail?

So this is all what I got...
  • Satsuma Body Wash - Rs.290 for 200 ml
  • Orange Facial Cleanser - Rs.590 for 150 gms
  • Coconut Rose Body Polish - Rs.590 for 150 gms
  • Cucumber Melon Whipped Soap - Rs.475 for 150 gms
  • Strawberry Champagne Whipped Soap - Rs.475 for 150 gms

After discount all I had to pay was just Rs.1614 :)

Satsuma Body Wash

You could see that I have already used it a little and I can talk non-stop about the fragrance. Super refreshing citrusy body wash that anyone would love to have it in their bath.

Gia Bath & Body Works Satsuma Body Wash

Orange Facial Cleanser

I badly wanted a good facial cleanser and decided to go ahead with this one. Unlike the body wash the fragrance is not really citrusy but my skin feels super soft like a cotton ball. My daughter shares this with me and we are in love with this one too.

Gia Bath & Body Works Orange Facial Cleanser

Coconut Rose Body Polish

I am never a great fan of coconut fragrances yet I wanted to give this a try as a couple of friends were raving about this product. Once again the fragrance is not my kind but love the body polish and how it leaves my skin fresh and soft.

Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish

Whipped Soap - Strawberry Champagne and Cucumber Melon

I am yet to try the cucumber melon whipped soap but whenever I open the lid I feel like taking a scoop of it and eating it. It smells soooooooooooooo good that I am sure I am going to love it. Today I used the Strawberry Champagne variant and loved how it left my skin soft without ripping the natural moisture. The fragrance is good too but definitely not as good as the cucumber melon.

Gia Bath & Body Works Whipped Soaps - Strawberry Champagne and Cucumber Melon

Gia Bath & Body Works Whipped Soaps - Strawberry Champagne and Cucumber Melon

I am already loving these products in my bath routine. I am sure I will repurchase a couple of these again and buy some new ones too. Do give the products a try if you haven't tried Gia Bath & Body Works yet.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. That was a luring haul...where can we get their product catalogue or info to purchase?

    1. Megha, you can order through facebook and I have provided the link in the first paragraph.

  2. Hi nice stuff Aarthi...I am also a big fan of Gia's products...I also ordered Cucumber-melon & Daisy whipped cream soap but yet to receive my package...your positive review is making me impatience...:-)

    1. HaaHaa.. You'll love them Itz :)

    2. name is Sramana...itz stands for 'It is'

    3. Oops... Sorry Sramana :(



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