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Fab Bag and MSM Box - June : Photos, Brief Review, Experience, Comparison

I know this post is coming too late, as I could already see posts on July Fab Bag and that kicked my senses reminding me about this post. Sorry for the delay !! When I was debating if I have to do this post or not there were a few of you who asked for this and I thought I should do this post at least for those who wanted to know my views on these beauty bags. So here it is...

Fab Bag and MSM Box - June : Beauty Subscription Bags

To know more about what these beauty bags are, you could go HERE.

MSM Express Box

MSM Express Box - June

This is the box that reached me first. Yes I ordered both the beauty bags on the same day and MSM Express Box reached me within a week. I was super happy when I saw the cute pink box. Anything pink is cute - don't you agree? 

Cost : Rs.495

  • Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner 120 ml (Full Size) - Rs.175
  • Inatur Herbals Olive & Oats Face Wash 75 ml (Full Size) - Rs.120
  • Natural Bath & Body French Red Clay Face Masque 15 ml - Rs.67 worth [Full Size is 100 ml - Rs.450]
  • Innisfree Eco Nail Color - Rs.200
  • Neck Jewellery in three pretty colors to choose from - Rs.200 [I chose red]
  • Sofy Bodyfit Anti Bacteria Napkin - Rs.8 (approx) [Rs.59 for 7 pads]
  • All good scents scratch & sniff cards.
  • Gift Vouchers from and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Total Worth : Rs.770

My Views - I might not use the toner and the jewellery but rest of the products look good to me. I might finish the sample mask in a week or even less than that and I am loving the Innisfree nail color. I got a beautiful teal shade. 

Fab Bag

Fab Bag - June

Fab Bag reached me sooner than I expected and I was happy about it. I loved the pouch too and have many occassions where I can reuse it. 

Cost : Rs.599 

Contents :
  • Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub(Full Size) - Rs.1599 for 70 gm
  • Sand for Soapaholics Cleanser - Rs.150 for 30 gm. This was wrongly mentioned as 'After Glow' worth Rs.710 for 50 gm !!!
  • Be a Bombshell One Stick (Buckwild) - Rs.1300
  • Fab Bag Bonus Scarf - Rs.500

Total Worth : Rs.3349

My Views - I see myself using only the first 2 products, the rest are not for me. Probably this fab bag is not made for me ! I am neither happy nor disappointed with June Fab Bag. 


Out of the 2 beauty bags I like MSM box better as there are more products to try. Fab Bag is definitely worth the price as I got to explore brands that I have never tried before. I really appreciate the concept behind these beauty bags, however it is not meant for me !!! I personally prefer to go and spend my money on products that I like than to randomly try a bunch of products. 

So what is your opinion about beauty bags? Yay or Nay?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Try My Envy Box for one month before taking your final call...then you will do the best judgement :-)

    1. Sure Sramana. I'll try it probably after a month :)



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