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Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish : Photos, Review

If you are regular here then I am sure you would have already seen a good bunch of products from Gia Bath and Body Works. I again purchased few bath products to pamper my skin this summer and today I will be sharing my views on the Coconut Rose Body Polish that I have been using since a month. I am not a huge fan of coconut or rose fragrance yet this body polish had some great reviews, that I had to pick it up for myself !

Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish


The coconut rose body polish comes in a plastic tub with a metal lid. I love the new packaging which is more convenient to use. The body polish is a coarse scrub in pale pink color that smells predominantly like coconut and has faint floral fragrance too. I neither love the fragrance nor do I hate it. People who love coconut fragrance will fall in love with this polish instantly. It gives a spa like feeling while using it in my bath. I scoop out the body polish with a dry spoon and mix it with little water in my palm before using it. It however stays dry and on applying on my skin in circular motion it exfoliates my skin really well. You could for sure see a lot of fall outs and it makes the bathroom floor a bit messy. The presence of natural oils reflects on my skin by making my skin really soft and hydrated.

Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish

  • The simple and chic packaging.
  • Preservative free product.
  • Impressive Ingredients list.
  • Lovely mild fragrance.
  • Dry skin girls will love it.
  • Exfoliates the skin and leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Does not dry out my skin.
  • Used twice a week, the tub will last for 2 months easily.

  • The dry residue falls all over and makes the bathroom floor a bit messy. 

Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish - Ingredients


The cost of Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish is Rs.590 for 150 gms of the product.

Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish - Directions Of Use


I am totally loving this body polish not only because of the natural ingredients present in this little jar but also the way it leaves my dry skin after I use it ! You need not be a coconut fragrance lover to love this product, as the fragrance is very mild and the after effects will make you get addicted to it. I am using this at least twice a week and my skin feels super soft and supple. I highly recommend every one to try this body polish. Girls with sensitive skin might need a patch test before use, as the scrub is a little coarse.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I love coconut fragrance as well as blessed with dry skin... i think i should really check this out.

    1. You must check it out Sindhu.. You will love the effects on your skin :)



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