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H2O Plus Sweet Berry Shower & Bath Gel : Photos, Review & Swatch

I love using shower gels and body wash in my bath routine than soaps, so I keep buying various shower gels from different brands. However, this time this shower gel was passed on to me from my sister. I have tried a couple of products from h2o previously and hence the brand is not new to me. Without much expectations I started using this and have almost finished 3/4th of the tube. It would be too late if I don't share the review now !

H2O Plus Sweet Berry Shower & Bath Gel


The shower gel comes in a transparent tube packaging with flip open lid. The lid doesn't shut tight so there is leakage and the tube is too bulky for travel too. The shower gel is a runny gel in light pink color that when applied on to the skin is not very easy to spread. It feels a bit more thick when applied on my skin and washing it off completely takes some time. It has tiny soapy pearls [Vitamin E capsules] that dissolve as I spread the gel on my skin. The fragrance as the name suggests is fruity but not very berry. Also the fragrance could be a bit too sweet for few of you, however I do not mind it much. It leaves the skin clean and at the same time does not leave my skin dry. I am neither so excited nor so disappointed about this product.

H2O Plus Sweet Berry Shower & Bath Gel

  • The packaging looks so girly in pink.
  • The Vit E capsules are fun to play with in the bath. I like rubbing and bursting them !
  • The fragrance is good.
  • Does not leave the skin dry.
  • One tube lasts more than a month easily.
  • I spotted these online and at Faces counters too, so availability isn't a issue.

  • The consistency is not something that I like.
  • Washing it off completely takes some time so this doesn't help when I hurry in the mornings. 
  • The fragrance might be too sweet for sensitive nose.

H2O Plus Sweet Berry Shower & Bath Gel - Swatch along with the Vitamin E capsule


The cost of H2O Plus Sweet Berry Shower & Bath Gel varies between Rs.500 to Rs.650 for 250 ml of the product.


I really like the brand H2O but this particular product is not the one for me. I am not so wow -ed with what this shower gel does at the same time it is neither disappointing. If sweet fragrances do not bother you much then you can give this a try as this would be a good change from your soaps ! Have you tried this shower gel? How did you like it?

Rating - ♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I want to try out some of their shower gels but this one does not sound for me too... I am not too fond of very sweet fragrances. great reveiw :)

  2. Your review surely helped...I too wanted to try out H2O shower gels but this one is a no-no for me as well...I really dont like those shower gels which take time to wash off...

    1. Thank You Sramana <3 Hope to find a better one soon :)



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