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Gia Bath & Body Works Butter Creme Whipped Soap in Strawberries & Champagne : Photos, Review, Swatch

When you need a break from the usual soaps in your bath, you would start looking for shower gels. What happens when you get bored of shower gels too? I chose to try butter cream whipped soaps ! Yes, whipped soaps from Gia Bath and Body Works looked super tempting that I got two variants from them. Today I will be reviewing the Strawberry Champagne Butter Cream Whipped Soap in pale pink color that reminds me of marshmallows and cotton candies :)

Gia Bath & Body Works Butter Creme Whipped Soap


I love the new packaging of all the Gia's products and this whipped soap comes in a plastic jar closed with a silver colored screw open cap. As with any of Gia's products the fragrance will be first thing that you will notice as you open the lid. I have no clue on how to describe the scent, it is neither strawberry nor champagne, probably how it would smell when you mix both !! I like the fragrance and I scoop out a spoonful of this soap and apply it on my wet skin. It lathers really well and leaves my skin slightly moisturized. I take a teeny tiny bit of it and leave it a small bowl in my bath and for almost a week my bath smells heavenly !! Love using this whipped soap and this jar lasted me for 4 months !!

Gia Bath & Body Works Butter Creme Whipped Soap

  • Handmade product that comes directly from an Indian kitchen.
  • Beautiful and spill free packaging.
  • The jar lasts for 4 months !!
  • Smells heavenly.
  • Chemical free and not tested on animals.
  • Lathers really well and leaves the skin soft.
  • Worth the money.

  • Not easy to wash it off from the skin unless you use it with a loofah.

Gia Bath and Body Works Butter Creme Whipped Soap


The cost of Gia Bath & Body Works Butter Creme Whipped Soap in Strawberries and Champagne is Rs.475 for 150 gm of the product.

Gia Bath & Body Works Butter Creme Whipped Soap - Swatch


The idea of whipped soaps are really unique and interesting and it is definitely a break from the usual soaps and shower gels we use. So hats off to Gayathri for the idea. Next comes the formula, super rich and moisturizing properties keeps my skin soft and supple. The fragrance is amazing but I am not sure if everyone would like the heavy scent. Overall I love the product and probably I would try some other variant next time.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. The idea itself is so much tempting. I don't know your review made me hungry :p. I am sure they are non-drying too.

    1. Absolutely non drying..



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