Monday, January 25, 2016

A Salad Company : Photos, Review

This is not a review of a beauty product or anything related to cosmetics at all ! So if you aren't interested you can skip this post right here. If you are foodie and if you are in Chennai, I highly recommend you to go through this post.

'A Salad Company' is a blessing for those who eat out almost everyday. When it is not home-cooked food I consider it as junk and if you are someone who think the same way, then A Salad Company proves us wrong. A Salad Company delivers healthy lunch at your door step everyday and their menu is quite interesting too. So far I have tried their vegetarian meal twice and non-vegetarian meal thrice and each dish was unique, tasty, healthy yet filling ! To know more about their meal options and on how to order, read on.

A Salad Company

A Salad Company promises to provide nutritious meal that is free from the following
  • No Preservatives
  • No Color
  • No Maida
  • No MSG
  • No Deep Frying
  • No White Sugar
  • No Transfats

Their vegetarian meals costs Rs.140 and non-vegetarian meal costs Rs.155 and there are no more additional/delivery charges. All you have to do is to visit their online portal and choose from the different packages available - either 1 day trial / 3 days trial / 5 days trial and 21 days trial. You could see the menu listed for the current week and choose the one you love. 

These were the dishes I got to try
  • Veg Augratin with whole wheat garlic bread - This meal was too good and absolutely filling. Loaded with a variety of veggies that we would hardly include in our daily routine. I have to mention about the wheat garlic bread - softest and the best I have had so far !!

  • Paneer Skewers - The box had 6 big paneer cubes along with a good amount of foxtail. I couldn't finish the box in one go. Absolutely delicious and super filling.
  • Grilled Chicken - Loved how the grilled veggies were made so tasty. The chicken was soft and yummy too and mashed sweet potatoes were top-notch.

  • Focaccia Sandwich - I chose the non-veg option and it came with eggs. I had my lunch by 2 PM (almost 2 hrs after it was delivered) and the bread was a bit dry. No complaints about the taste though.
  • Whole Wheat Chicken Momos - Loved it to bits and wish I got a couple of more momos to fill my tummy.

I am absolutely addicted to their dishes and they haven't repeated a single dish so far. The variety, quality and the taste is what stuns me. A Salad Company is not even a month old and I highly recommend all Chennaites to try it at least once.  

Fresh healthy food that is delivered for just Rs.150 is definitely a steal ! 

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Hey Aarthi! Have to tell you...I love reading your nonbeauty posts just as much. I discovered Chumbak thanks to you, and I would definitely give this place a try if I am in Chennai. The food looks good and the price is quite reasonable, especially since there are no other charges. I hate that stuffed bloated feeling with a lot of the outside food!

    1. Hey Rads .. Thank you soooooooo much <3

      Let me know when you are in Chennai, we have a pending meet up and this time it will be with a salad bowl ;)

  2. Nice startup. Looks like good primal diet option available. :)

  3. Photos are tempting.better price.wanna try soon

    1. Lakshmi you must-try and I am sure you will get addicted :)



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