Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ciate Mini Paint Pots in Raising the Barre, Bubblegum Bellini : Photos, Review, NOTD

Ciate London Nail polishes are known for their cute and girly packaging. Ever since I saw them I wanted to try a bunch of shades and when I got a chance I grabbed four shades for myself from their mini's collection. Today I will be sharing my NOTD with two of those shades, Bubblegum Bellini - a bubblegum pink and Raising the Barre - a deep maroon shade.

Ciate Mini Nail Polishes - Raising the Barre, Bubblegum Bellini


I have to say that these mini's look extra cute with their size and as with all their nail polishes, the bow makes these bottle really attractive. Raising the Barre is a deep maroon shade, a unique shade in my collection. This shade is a bit tricky to apply, a single coat isn't sufficient, doubt coat looks half opaque so I go for three coats that ended up looking too much ! I take a very little amount and try to layer it evenly to get the perfect finish, which is really challenging for me. The brush fans out really well and makes application a lot easier. Bubblegum Bellini is a pure bubblegum pink shade that is again a different one in my collection. I always shy away from bubblegum pinks but this one did suit my dusky skin. Unlike the other shade, application is easy (probably because the shade and consistency is a bit more creamy) and with two coats I get an even opaque coloured nails.

Ciate Mini Nail Polishes - Raising the Barre, Bubblegum Bellini

  • The packaging any day.
  • Love the mini version, I am sure I could never empty these bottles.
  • Shade range is wide.
  • Availability in India (Nykaa has them !)
  • Even the tiny brush in these mini bottles fans out really well helping easy application.

  • Different shades have different formulas, so while few are easy to apply the others are really challenging ! Best to try them before buying if you aren't an expert in nail polish application !!
  • Price.

Ciate Mini Nail Polishes - Raising the Barre, Bubblegum Bellini


The full size version of Ciate Nail Polishes are sold for Rs.950 for 13.5 ml of the product at Nykaa. I am not sure if it is sold anywhere else in India. I got my minis from USA.

Ciate Mini Nail Polishes - Raising the Barre, Bubblegum Bellini : NOTD


I am happy with this little collection of Ciate Nail Polishes I have got and I would like to grab a couple of shades more to satisfy my greed. They have a very pretty shade range to choose from and if the cost doesn't bother you then you can grab as much as you want. Raising the Barre challenged my application and that is the only shade I have to work on.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥

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